Transforming Nations One Person At a Time

The Challenge


Europe Needs the Gospel

Europe is adrift and in need of an anchor, not in material terms, but morally and spiritually.

Europe is filled with churches - often empty, abandoned or converted into museums, restaurants and shops. Take away the beautiful church buildings and you'll be hard-pressed to see any hints of Christianity.

Sadly, most Europeans do not have a life-changing relationship with Jesus or know anyone who does. For over 30 years Connie and Max have dedicated themselves to help people come to the fullness of God’s potential in their lives.

Since 1994, we have been actively involved in taking the Gospel to Italy, Europe and the Mediterranean countries.
We believe that God will speak to many who have a pioneering spirit and a heart for missions to get involved and help us bring the Gospel to multitudes of people.

Our plan is to raise support from individuals, businesses, churches and ministries who have a vision for a lost and dying world. Together we can make a difference!

Take Action And Partner With Us!

Help us change lives and transform nations with the lifechanging Word of God.

Italy: Did You Know?

- There are over 616 official religions in Italy.

- Out of the 33,500 Italian communities, 32,000 of them have no established Evangelical witness.

- Italy has an estimated 100,000 recognized fortune-tellers.

- Less than 5% of Catholics are actually practicing what they believe.

- Islam is the second religion in Italy, while Jehovah's Witnesses are as numerous as all Evangelicals in Italy put together.

- The northeastern Veneto region with the cities of Venice, Padova, and Verona has almost 4.5 million residents, but maybe no more than 2,000 Evangelical Christians.

- There are only 460 missionaries in a country of over 60 million people.

- Christian books, radio and television programs are virtually non-existent.