Transforming Nations One Person At a Time

OUR PROJECTS  for 2020 

Thanks to our partners we have establish bible schools in these cities in Italy:

  1. Verona
  2. Comiso
  3. Rome

Support one of our new START UP schools by helping us purchase computers, tables, chairs and sound equipment.


    GOAL:  $7000.00
    Received: $700.00

      Bible School Start Ups $700.00

      We offer scholarships to those students that have difficulty because of lack of finances. We are raising support for  4 students in our Rome campus that will need sponorship this year.
      Be one of the ONES that helps a student start and finish Bible School.  
      Tutition for one year = $800.00

      Total  Goal   $3200.00
      Received $300.00

      Student Sponsorship $300.00


      We have translated over 55 book titles, with over 300,000 books being distributed in Italian communities around the world. Some of our authors include:

      1. Kenneth E. Hagin
      2. Jerry Savelle
      3. Joyce Meyer
      4. Kenneth Copeland
      5. Smith Wigglesworth
      6. Dr. Caroline Leaf

      For a complete list of books and authors:

      Support our new book translations and printing!
      8 new book titles + 3 new authors
      GOAL: $10,000.00



      ‘For I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me drink, I was a stranger and you welcomed me’ (Matthew 25:35 ESV)

      We are very excited to be helping another family from Eastern Europe who cannot get the required medical treatment that their son needs in order to live. This family will be moving to Verona, Italy  in December so that their two year old son can undergo treatment. As a ministry, we will be providing financial aid and spiritual support during this time.
      We are bringing hope and healing to those in need - one person at a time!
      HOUSING COSTS FOR 8 MONTHS:  $500.00 per month
      GOAL: $4000.00

      Recieved $200.00


      Aid $200.00


      We are expanding our network of pastors and church leadership. Men and women are attending our seminars and conferences from many key  nations throughtout  Euorpe. 

      Support this project as we bring pastors and leaders from surrounding countries to participate in our seminars and receive the help they need to bring the Gospel back to their home town and cities. Help us as we purchase airfare, pay for hotels and meals for these pastors and leaders.
      They will be traveling from - Malta - Tunisa - Turkey - Egypt and Greece 
      Goal: $8000.00         
      Received: $500.00

      Leadership Network $500.00