Transforming Nations One Person At a Time


Good News Ministries has translated and printed over 55 book titles, and distributed more than 300,000 books throughout Italy and Europe! You are helping us change people's lives forever!
Read this powerful testimony and rejoice with us!

"Three years ago I was in a very difficult season of my life. I would spend hours on the Internet, trying to find inspirational phrases about Jesus, Bible verses and online services that could help me. At a certain point I saw an advertisement of some Christian books on sale on an online bookstore called Edizioni Dunamis. I followed the link.

My eyes were drawn to a certain book, called "Mountain moving Fatih" by Kenneth Hagin.

It was the right book for the season that I was in. I felt so weak in my faith! Today, this book is helping my family and I get out of problems and difficulties we have had for years.

The Word of God is transforming our minds, it is healing every area of our lives and by faith we are learning how to take hold of everything that Jesus Christ has already won for us 2,000 years ago!

Thank you Good News Ministries for translating and printing this book into Italian!"


More labourers are being sent into the Nation!

In May we celebrated our Bible School students all over Italy who completed their two year studies! We know that God will use them to impact Italian cities and bring the Good News to everyone they encounter.

"Going to Bible School has changed my life. It has helped me grow in the things of God, shown me how to apply the Word in every situation as well as how to follow the guidance of the Holy Spirit. It was best investment I have ever made. I know it is a seed that will help me and bring fruit in my life, for the rest of my life!".


Claudio V. (Verona, Italy)

"Bible School has changed my relationship with God. It is a place of divine transformation where I have learned to know and follow the guidance of the Holy Spirit. One of my favourite courses was 'Redemptive Realities' taught by Pastor Mauro. It was a powerful class where the presence of God was tangible and I learned who I am in Christ, what He won on the Cross for me and how to live a fulfilled life in Christ! I am now living with a purpose, for His Kingdom!"

Francis N. (Verona, Italy)

"I had suffered for many years with sucidual thoughts. My friend suggested that I go to bible school so that hopefully studying God's Word would help me. I was very discouraged and was feeling that nothing could help me. After my friend insisted, I enrolled, but I did not believe that anything could help me. A few months into the courses, I began to notice that my depression was slowly leaving me. At the end of 8 months of study, I have come to know how much Jesus loves me, what He did on the cross for me, and how God only gives good things to us. I am looking forward to my 2 year of study, I know now that I want to live and Praise God for the rest of my life.                                                                                                       E.P. (Verona)